"Every gift is part of someone's story about the search for meaning. The relational work of fundraising is how we help them find it."
- Otto Reinisch

"Otto 's fresh approach to fundraising as meaningful, relational work inspired our board to participate. Now they often lead the way in fundraising and, once again, we're reaching - and exceeding - our , goals."
- Judy G.

"Working with Otto was the encouragement our board and staff needed. Thanks to his own perspectives about fundraising's relational work - patiently delivered with professionalism - everyone in the organization is 'all in'."
- Kevin J.

Reclaiming the Relational Work
of Fundraising & Nonprofit Leadership

In a digital age of diminishing humanity where mere online connection too often takes the place of authentic human relationship, I help nonprofit leaders inspire abundant, sustainable, and meaningful philanthropy through relational work done in person, over time, and around shared values.

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