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  • Otto Reinisch

2021: A Planned Giving Opportunity Unlike Any Other

In 2021, nonprofit organizations – like yours – will receive more than $45 billion in charitable bequests. Isn’t it time to move past the myths, misinformation, and excuses about planned giving that have kept you on the sidelines for too long? My Living Legacy® is an effective, affordable, values-based approach for securing charitable bequests that really works…and that donors love.

Organizations that receive charitable bequests share one thing in common: they’re intentional about helping donors make the most meaningful – and generous – gift of their lifetime.

Yet, a 2019 survey revealed less than one-third of nonprofit organizations regularly promote these planned gifts. Why? Maybe their reasons are familiar to you.

MYTH: Planned giving is expensive.

FACT: There are effective ways to begin promoting charitable bequests that cost little or nothing. Even comprehensive programs, like My Living Legacy®, may cost the same as – or even less than – your last direct mail appeal.

MYTH: Planned gifts are complicated.

FACT: 93% of all “planned gifts” last year were bequests made in the donor's will. These are among the easiest gifts for your donors to make and among the easiest for you to promote - if you know how.

MYTH: We need to hire an expert [$$$].

FACT: 90% of the work leading to a charitable bequest is NOT financial. Planned giving is a values-based process of connecting donors to your mission through authentic, personal relationships. Your board members are ideally suited for this relational work…and, their efforts often shine brightest.

MYTH: We can’t wait – we need money now!

FACT: While it can take 30 years, or more, for charitable bequests to ‘mature’, bequest donors become a dependable source of annual gifts. Why? They have a vested interest in your organization’s welfare…and they believe in you. Also, the wait will be worth it. Charitable bequests are a donor’s ‘ultimate gift’; usually the largest one they’ll ever make.

My Living Legacy®: It’s About More Than Money

My Living Legacy® is an effective, values-based way to promote charitable bequests that works for any nonprofit organization, including yours.

In this unique approach, board members guide donors on a journey of discovering what is most important and then help them create a meaningful legacy using charitable bequests and your organization’s mission.

Click here to learn more about My Living Legacy®. Or, better yet, let’s talk. I’m here [otto@whywegive.net] to answer questions about fundraising or about working together to help you (finally) succeed in estate planning.

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