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  • Otto Reinisch

Good News: Your Strategic Plan is Obsolete

Will your strategic plan still be relevant when we return to a ‘new normal’? The likely answer is, "no", unless it fully addresses equity, diversity, inclusion, and the continuing reality of shelter-in-place, ‘social distancing’, e-learning, virtual meetings, and work-from-home. Today, high-functioning nonprofit boards are seizing this opportunity to re-imagine their organization's future by using a lean, nimble, and effective planning approach to chart a new course. This is the ‘new work’ of nonprofit boards [Barbara Taylor, Richard Chait, Thomas Holland, Harvard Business Review, September-October, 1996]. In short, ‘new work’ is defined as work that matters. And, what mattered most to your organization even a few short months ago has changed. In a special blog series starting next week, I'll take an in-depth look at the ‘new work’ of nonprofit boards and how it’s helping organizations like yours thrive as we enter our ‘new normal’. Here are some of the topics I'll cover:

  • · Engaging stakeholders in identifying urgent priorities,

  • · Enhancing the role of executive director as leader,

  • · Developing expertise to understand changing realities,

  • · Aligning critical resources around new priorities,

  • · Defining new board and staff roles and relationships,

  • · Designing effective, purposeful team meetings,

  • · Reorganizing board/staff work to deal with what matters,

  • · Achieving meaningful success with measurable results.

Join me as, together, we explore practical strategies, tips, tools, and perspectives your high-functioning nonprofit board can use to excel in the 'new work' that matters most: making a difference.

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