"Everyone participates in the relational work of fundraising and it's the layperson  - board member, volunteer, or client - whose work shines brightest."

- Otto Reinisch

"When we claim the authentic relationships that make us distinctly human, we'll reclaim what makes fundraising meaningful."
- Otto Reinisch

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Let's tackle your toughest FUNDRAISING challenges...
* Increase Board Engagement
* Inspire Abundant Annual Giving
* Turn Annual Donors into Top Donors
* Increase Foundation Giving
* Get Started Now in Planned Giving

Drawing on more than 40 years of nonprofit experience...

...I facilitate learning by engaging with each client - nonprofit boards, staff, and volunteers - through authentic relationships cultivated in-person, over time, and around shared values. In return, clients bring a willingness to question, to be accountable, and an openness to engage others in helping find new solutions for ‘old' fundraising and leadership challenges. When we bring this vulnerability - our authentic self - to our working relationship, real change becomes possible. – Otto Reinisch

Let's tackle your toughest LEADERSHIP challenges...
* Inspire Board & Staff Excellence
* Build Fundraising Teams that Excel
* Turn Vision into Meaningful Action
* Confidently Lead in Changing Times
* Use Your 'Why' to Inspire Success 


Everyone in the organization has a role in the relational work of fundraising and leadership. And, it's often the lay leader - board members and volunteers - whose work shines brightest.

I work with senior staff and nonprofit boards to:

  • ensure sound governance by helping boards and staff understand and fulfill their roles & responsibilities,

  • identify, recruit, and engage highly qualified board members,

  • engage board members and staff as active participants in fundraising,

  • develop the leadership needed to guide their organization into the future.


The consulting relationship is far more than mere 'problem solving'. It's helping clients realize their full potential as leaders, believing they have the resources, skills, and passion for excelling in every situation.


Here are a few examples of what we can accomplish together:

  • create a culture of philanthropy that engages board members in fundraising,

  • develop a compelling case for support that unleashes new gifts for your organization's work,

  • build loyalty among donors that inspires abundant, sustainable, and meaningful generosity.


Work 1:1 to master leadership skills that help you inspire abundant, sustainable, and meaningful philanthropy.

Fundraising and leadership are inextricably linked. Mission-focused leaders champion their organization's vision. They build strong teams by engendering trust among donors, staff, and program partners. They, in turn, inspire greatness.


But, leaders are not always born into greatness. Most work hard at it. And, they depend on others to help.

Through 1:1 coaching, I help: 

  • new executive directors and board chairs grow in their roles,

  • fundraising officers gain the skills and confidence for success,

  • reduce turnover by helping leaders find meaning and a sense of purpose in their work.

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Ken J.

As a start-up program serving inner-city youth and staffed mostly by volunteers, our fundraising was going nowhere. Otto's consulting work gave us the confidence and tools needed to meet some ambitious goals but, more importantly, helped us build a strong board in the process. Thank you!


Maureen T.

Otto's 1:1 coaching was life-changing. Instead of bringing easy, 'pat' answers, he encouraged me to use powerful relational skills that helped me discover the leadership perspectives that are transforming our 120-year-old agency into a dynamic organization our founders never could have imagined.

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Ben V.

Our board and executive team look forward to every training event with Otto. His philosophy is that real learning only happens in-person, over time, and around fresh material customized to meet our needs. What also sets Otto apart is how he helps us put our learning into motion through his personal follow-up and a sincere shared sense of mission.